The interview process

Applicants selected for interview will be contacted by a member of the Human Resources Team. This process normally takes 2-3 weeks from the date applications closed (this may be shorter if the position to be filled is for an immediate start). Those applicants not selected for an interview are not advised of such until after first round interviews have been conducted. This allows the Panel to return to the applications should initial interviews not result in a suitable applicant being identified.

The Interview Panel will normally consist of three people; two people from the department where the vacancy exists and a representative from the Human Resources Team. When interviewees consist of both male and female applicants, the Panel will ensure there is a gender balance. The interview will follow a standard line of questioning for all applicants in relation to the selection criteria. If names of referees were not provided with your application the Panel will request contact details at this stage.

Interviews are conducted at 80 Wilson Street, Burnie (Burnie City Council offices), unless you are advised otherwise.

After the interview

After interviews have been completed, the Panel will contact the preferred applicant's referees and prepare a selection report detailing the outcome of the interviews and referee check. Contact will not be made with the preferred candidate until the Chief Executive Officer has endorsed the Panel's recommendation. Accordingly, it may take up to two weeks for the successful candidate to be advised.

After the Panel's recommendation has been endorsed, a member of the Human Resources Team will contact the preferred applicant and a written offer of appointment may be made.

Applicants who attended an interview and were not selected for the position will not receive written notification until the preferred candidate has formally accepted the offer of appointment. This may take up to four weeks from date of interviews, however, if negotiations are extended it may take up to six weeks. In protracted instances like this, a member of the Panel may ring interviewees to advise them verbally of the current situation. The process is left open at this stage in case negotiations are unsuccessful with the first preferred candidate.

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